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The Salt Therapy Association (STA), founded to provide resources, information, research, and standards to support, promote, and create awareness about salt therapy for the industry, businesses, and consumers, announced today that it has revised its membership structure.

Interested and supportive individuals, spas and resorts, country clubs, salt therapy facilities, health care professionals and other companies offering salt therapy can read, review, and select the membership level that is appropriate for them at


Halotherapy vs. A Day At The Beach

Over the years we have seen many salt therapy facilities, along with social and mainstream media, compare halotherapy to spending time at the beach. While many people have experienced a sense of well-being after spending time at the beach, and in particular, talk about the benefits of the salty air, there is a distinct difference between dry salt therapy (halotherapy) and the air at the beach. (more…)

Salt Therapy: Ancient, Simple, and New to the U.S.

Amber light glows against the Himalayan and Dead Sea salt that lines the walls. I feel like I’m in a cave in Old Jerusalem, someplace ancient and pure. A sea of loose salt shifts beneath my bootied feet, and once I’m reclined with zero gravity, a fine, dry salt mist blows into the room. The negative ions are said to increase oxygen flow to the brain, a fringe benefit, but for now all I feel is a sweet lassitude. 

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Top trending spa treatments for the holidays

During the stressful holiday season, what many of us need is a trip to the spa.  Spafinder Wellness 365, the world’s largest network of spas and wellness locations, has us covered with the top spa treatments to get through the holidays. From seasonally inspired treatments to instant revitalizers, there is something for everyone.

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Philip’s Salt Room Construction

See the story of a boy diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and the special salt room his family constructed to improve his quality of life.

Not All Salt Is Created Equal!

What do the top halogenerator manufacturers say about what type of salt to use for effective Halotherapy (dry salt therapy)?

As part of the Salt Therapy Association’s (STA) objectives, creating consistent
standards and practices is critical. There have been inconsistencies in the
marketplace as to what type of salt to use in halogenerators. While various salts are used as décor, salt used in a halogenerator is very different and affects people differently. The STA has researched and surveyed some of the top halogenerator manufacturers and distributors and there is unanimous consensus among the following: (more…)

2015 Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour & Salt Therapy Conference

The STA hopes to bring salt therapy professionals, businesses and partners together next summer to one of the birthplaces of salt therapy, Wieliczka, Poland outside of Krakow. This event will bring people together to learn about the latest research, industry trends, best practices and lessons learned to salt therapy members.  Stay tuned for more details.


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