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Membership Benefits

STA is THE association for salt therapy professionals. Membership offers great benefits that support salt therapy professionals being successful in their business, stay on top of leading trends, develop a professional network and receive the latest industry and consumer research and much more.

STA Directory

As a Salt Therapy Provider member you will be able to have your facility listed in the STA Directory. This Directory will be made available to the public and you will have the opportunity to list the following:

  • Address (Google Map)
  • Phone
  • Social media connections
  • Links to websites
  • Type of facility
  • Services offered
  • Hours of operation
  • Pictures
  • And other information

This Directory will be a free searchable directory for all users.

The STA Directory will also have restricted sections for the Salt Therapy Providers to access Resource Partners information and other professional resources.

2014 STA Industry Report


The STA will be launching a comprehensive salt therapy research study that will provide vital information for the industry including growing trends, demographics, key market indicators, key success factors, and more. Salt Therapy Providers will have access to this first ever industry report.

The GET SALTED! e-magazine/newsletter for the Salt Therapy Professional

GET SALTED! advances the business of salt therapy by informing salt therapy professionals of the latest trends and practices promoting the wellness aspects of salt therapy.

Promotional Opportunities

STA members will have a variety of educational, informational and promotional materials for you to use to promote your salt therapy business. In addition, STA staff will be constantly collecting social media information and sharing social media feeds from your Twitter, Facebook, and other social mediums.

Educational Opportunities

STA will be launching a series of ongoing webinars and programs to further the development of the industry, market and operate successful salt therapy businesses and share research and other information.

Don’t miss out on our upcoming webinar, visit the link to learn more: Webinar: How to start, add and build a salt therapy business

Promotional Opportunities


The STA plans on scheduling various events and conferences to promote salt therapy so stay tuned. In the Spring/Summer of 2015 a special salt therapy travel trip is being planned to the Wieliczka Salt Mines and to attend a special STA Speleotherapy/Halotherapy conference.

To learn more about this special event visit the following link: 2015 Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour & Salt Therapy Conference


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